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20q 20 Questions Game


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20q game is the 2005 runner up "Game of the Year" and "Most Innovative Toy of the Year" award winner. Think of a word. Any word. The Radica 20q game will guess what it is in 20 questions or less. Using artificial intelligence, this brilliant little device analyzes your answers to figure out what you're thinking with astounding accuracy. 20q game is small and easy to carry, it's a terrific travel companion. 
Innovative "artificial intelligence" game with an exciting new design 
The classic game of 20 Questions captured for the first time in a portable format 
Large vocabulary makes it astoundingly accurate 
Great companion for roadtrips, waiting rooms, etc. 
For ages 8 and up 
Color will vary 
Batteries included: Uses 2 size AAA 
20q game knows what you're thinking! 
Innovative "Artificial Intelligence" game with an exciting new design 
The classic game of 20 Questions captured for the first time in a portable format 
If it reads your mind within 20 questions it wins, if not, you win! 
Can you fool 20q game?

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