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Clapper Plus with Remote Control

Clapper Plus

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The Clapper has now joined the 21st century with the all new Clapper Plus � a remote controlled Clapper system that makes using and turning off your appliances even easier than clapping your hands!

Smart technology

The Clapper Plus combines the same Clapper sound sensory technology with a handy remote control to give you ultimate control over your appliances!

Simply plug any two appliances into the Clapper Plus, as you would with a regular Clapper, and then clap on and off to turn each appliance on and off.

Also, you can use the handy remote control to turn on and off those same appliances too. The remote control is completely wireless, and works from a distance of 30 feet away.

As well, the remote control unit works through walls, windows and other obstacles, so that whenever or wherever you are in the house, the power to control and turn on and off your appliances literally rests in your hands!

The Clapper was a revolutionary invention that has changed how people lived, and the Clapper Plus is doing it again! Order your Clapper Plus today and put the power in your hands!

Use it everywhere!

The Clapper Plus is so helpful and handy, you�ll want to get one for every room of the house that has appliances that you use on a regular basis.

Use your Clapper Plus on the following items, and see just how simple and easy life can be:

And more! 
Everyone is looking for items to make life and living easier. Well, what could be easier than clapping your hands or pushing a button? The Clapper Plus is the ultimate household helper and time saver!


Clapper Plus with two outlets 
Remote control with battery included 
Instruction guide 
30 day money back guarantee 


Plugs into any household outlet 
Remote control has a 30 foot range & works through walls and windows 
Completely wireless 
Clapper Plus unit size: 3 1/2" x 4 1/2" x 2 1/2"

Average retail price to charge your customer $30-$40 + shipping


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