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Swimming Pool Devil Skimmer Cleaner

Pool Devil

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This Revolutionary Pool Skimmer
Installs in 1 Minute and Provides
Continuous Hassle-Free Cleaning! 
Pool Devil Swimming Pool Skimmer removes all floating debris, leaves, grass clippings, insects, and even pollen from the surface of your pool, before it settles to the bottom. This helps keep your pool looking great. Pool Devil also helps extend the life of your pool filtration pump by clearing leaves and other debris before it can clog the pool system. 
Unobtrusive. No Need to Remove for Cleaning. 

Pool Devil Swimming Pool Cleaner works in conjunction with your existing pool cleaning device. The design mechanics of utilizing the inflow also ensures that no matter how full the filtration bag gets it will have no adverse effect on the pump operation or your pool cleaning device. The unobtrusive design and positioning of the unit along the sidewall also ensures the free movement of your existing pool cleaning device. There is no reason to remove the unit during cleaning or while swimming. 

Installs in seconds 
Provides cleaner and clearer water 
Increases the life and efficiency of the filter and pump 
Self Adjusts to the Water Level 
Doesn't affect the performance of existing automatic pool cleaner 
Debris including leaves, paper, dust, and insects end up floating on the surfact until they become waterlogged, then slowly, they sink and breakdown. These fragments then clog automatic pool cleaners and weir baskets.
By creating a circular flow, Pool Devil doesnt allow debris to sink to the bottom and keeps the pool sparkling clean letting your automatic pool cleaner pick up the dust as it was designed to do.

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